Pilates Place is owned and
managed by Leana Almström.

Leana is British and has been practising the Pilates
technique since 1989 in some of the leading studios
in London during her nine year career as a ballerina with the Royal Ballet. She received her Pilates certification from Alan Herdman and is ‘Gold Certifed’ by the Pilates Method Alliance, a non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving and maintaining the quality of the Pilates technique.

The Pilates Method is not just a series of exercises but a complete approach to developing body awareness and an easy physicality in day-to-day life. It is an exercise-based system that aims to develop the body's "centre" in order to create a stable core for all types of movement. Through the process of regular classes, the body 's structure realigns and a balance is achieved within the musclo-skeletal system. It is a gentle, but focused method of training which tones, stretches and mobilises the body often being used to rehabilitate injuries. It requires commitment, as it takes time to improve and change the body's postural and alignment habits.

This studio is dedicated solely to the Pilates method,
offering clients access to the full Pilates repertoire,
including matwork, machines and accessories.
In order to provide the highest quality training, there
are never more than three clients to one instructor but we also offer personal training for those who prefer.

The class is always suited to the individual. You will
be given a postural assessment and your case history will be taken, to determine the type of class most beneficial to you. You will be constantly assessed so that the class adapts to suit your ever-changing needs.

For further information on Pilates or Pilates Place, please contact us by telephone on +46 8 411 44 45. Training is by appointment only.

ADDRESS : Floragatan 8, SE-114 31 Stockholm
E-MAIL: leana@pilatesplace.se